First machine show in shanghai 2019 8th march

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First machine show in shanghai 2019 8th march

With a team of our company ,we gave a demonstration of our new technic for our stripping machine in shanghai international hall from 8th till 11th march 2019 .

Happily start and end ,time passed fast ,hope see you all next term .

Stripping Machine Model HTQF-680T/920T/1080T:

The product is a preferable choice for stripping process after die cutting, such as tags, labels, paper cups, medicine packages, wine packages, cosmetic packages and so on. It saves labor, improve the product quality, and increase the production efficiency.

More detail :

1. Compraring to traditional stripping machine which uses gantry frame as the base for installing the stripping mould, our new design adopts one-side independent standing base for installing the stripping mould; this design is space saving, and convinient for operating.

2. Hidden type servo motor and ball screw ensures a precise pile positioning.

3. Adjustable hydraulic system provides adjustable pressure for processing of different materials of different sizes and weights.

4. Stripping needles (rods) are quick and easy to chang to fit differnent products fromats and patterns.

5. Rotatable upper mould can rotate up to 180 degrees to fit products of irregular and unevern patterns. (T)

6. Automatci lubricating system carries out regular lubrication, which greatlty extend the service life of the machine.

7. The operation panel adopts visual button to avoid safety accident caused by wrong operation.  Its also easy and quick to program at the touch screen.

8. Safety fence at operation side protects the safety of personnel when the machine is running.


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