Fast Speed Rotary Die-cutting and Slitting Machine

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CBADEN MACHERY GROUP is Fast Speed Rotary Die-cutting and Slitting Machine Model SAY320 manufacturer and supplier based in China. We have more than 30 years manufacturing and selling experience for machinery,In addition to produce those machines related ,us ,with a responsible team as well as co workers , are qualified enough to customize according to various needs.Welcome to contact us for more information.

Our machine is with rotary die-cutting function is,based on the old model SAR , a new product , and it is equipped with high accurate rotary die-cutting system. It is suitable for blank adhesive labels. paper ,or some related material , die-cutting ,laminating(option),slitting can be finished  in one process . It has the function of automatic meter counting, automatic stop, web guiding by photocell and has the characteristic of compact structure, fast speed, high efficiency, easy operation, accurate slitting and steady running etc. So it is ideal equipment for these small-scale factory , economic and does not cover area.

It is based on the old model developed a new more fast type ,the  performance is more reliable, the finial product is more accurate and machine appearance is artistic.  




Speed of rotary die cutting


Cutting speed


Max. width


Max. diameter of un.


Max. diameter of re.


Machine weight


Machine dimension


Note: we can customize according to your needs .

Machine in our workshop :


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