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10mm Distance Meter Wireless Long Range Ultrasonic Sensor Open Structure with Aluminum Case Quick details: 1. Dimension: 9.8mm(D)*7.0mm(H) 2. Center frequency :40.01.0KHz 3. Using Method: Separate transmitter or receiver. 4. Construction:open structure type 5. Directivity Deg :8015 (-6dB) 6. Sensitivity:-68dB min 7. Capacitance :220020%pF 8. Sound Pressure Level :110dB min 9. Max.Input Voltage:40Vp-p 10. Typical Sensing Range : 0.2~15m 11. Operating Temperature :-20 ~+70 12. Storage Temperature:-40 ~+85 Drawing (mm) Application - Remote Control - Automatic doors - Burglar and disaster detection alarm - Distance meter and range finder The main function of the ultrasonic sensor are transmitting and receiving. Ultrasonic sensors provide easy method of distance measurement. defined as electronic devices that emit an acoustic wave beyond the upper range of human hearing called the audible range, between 20 hertz and 20 kilohertz and determine the distance between the sensor and an object based on the time it takes to send the signal and receive the echo. generic distance measurement, and commercial fish finders, among other applications.


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