Hot Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machine

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Taiwan Prowave Alternative Ultrasonic transducer 25kHz for pest repeller 16mm Quick Detail: 1.Size:D16.2mm*H12.2mm Specification MS-PT1625H12 Transmitter Center Frequency 25.01.0KHz Bandwidth(-6dB) 2.0KHz (Tx), 2.0KHz(Rx) Transmitting Sound Pressure Level at 25.0KHz; 0dB re 0.0002bar per 10Vrms at 30cm 112dB min. Receving Sensitivity at 25.KHz 0dB=1 volt/bar -62dB min. Capacitance at 1KHz  20% 2600pF Max.Driving Voltage(cont.) 20Vrms Total Beam Angle -6dB 85 typical Operation Temperature -30 to 70 C Storage Temperature -40 to 80 C With the deepening of the ultrasonic ranging technology research and ultrasonic dust proof, prevent mist, the unique advantages of non contact, and also have a certain ability to adapt in the bad environment, and the ultrasonic sensor has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, reliable signal processing etc., the application of ultrasonic distance measurement is becoming more and more popular, ultrasonic ranging technology has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, industrial control, electronics, metallurgy, Marine, the universe, petrochemical industry, reverse, etc.


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