Corrugationi Paper Die Cutting and Creasing Machine

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DC 12V Round Piezoelectric Buzzer 14mm
Built in Drive Circuit Waterproof Piezo Transducer Quick Detail: 1.Size:D14mm*H7mm
Specifications TYPE (UNIT) MSPS14A40P12 MSPS14A40P05
Min. Sound Output at 10cm (dB) 85 80
Rated Voltage VDC 12 5
Operating Voltage VDC 3~16 3~9
Resonant Frequency (Hz) 4000+/-500 4000+/-500
Max. Current Consumption (mA) 8 8
Tone Continuous Continuous Operating Temperature (C) -30~+80 -30~+80
Storage Temperature (C) -20~+70 -20~+70
Weight (g) 1 1
Frequency curve Drawing(mm)


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