N5 Series Flexo Printing machine is the combination press that specially designed by more than 20 years design, research and running experience to meet not only long run, but also medium run and short run and reach highest efficiency and lowest waste. It experienced strictly Grid testing and challenged printing quality and registration limit testing To Flexo.

N5 Series Flexo Printing machine is extremely flexibility, it can combined web gravure, silk screen, offset, inkjet, digital printing, cold foil and suitable for all kinds of materials! Meanwhile it can also combine inline coating and PUR glue lamination.

Super short web path, 27”chilling impression cylinder, keep smooth web pass through and constant web temperature.

Advanced fully servo technology, used for unwind, tension control, Printing units, diecutting units, rewind and cold foils.

Shorter Change over time, Lower waste, highest printing quality and highest production efficiency.

Auto pre register, auto register and 2nd pass. Very accuracy tension control, only several N. 7colors printing to similar 90% pantone colors, Advanced in this segment. N5 series Flexo printing machine is your best choice to win your competitors!

Substrate range: All kinds of PS labels(Paper, PET, BOPP, PVC), Paper from 30gsm, light corton upto 300gsm, mono film PET from 12um,PVC, BOPP, PE, PA from 15um, Foil from 20um, laminate tube,PBL and ABL

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