Machine Technical Specifications:

Petal type plate installation, mesh roller and plate roll "s" level fast change,All electronic shaft-less drive, automatic pre registration, saving time and material, High precision unique clutch pressing mode, plate roller, anilox roller pressing position in place at one time, no adjustment.

The machine is with UV drying system

Main technical parameters:

 1.Unwind capacity                               40inch(1000mm)

2. Printing width                           14.96inch(380mm)

3. Material core diameter:              Φ 76mm( 3″)

4. Rewind capacity                        40inch(1000mm)

5. Material gram weight:                   50-350gsm

6. Maximum mechanical speed:                 150m / min

7.Outer diameter of winding shaft:        3 "

8.Registration accuracy:                  ± 0.10mm

9.  Tension precision:                       20-300n stepless adjustment

C machine Main configuration:

 Discharging part

Single cantilever gas shaft   3 "gas expansion shaft        1 set

Magnetic powder brake          100nm, Mitsubishi, Japan     1 set

Discharging constant tension system  RE                     2 sets

Unwinding constant tension mode  magnetic powder brake closed
loop constant tension           2 sets                                   

One set of                     BST correction                1 set

Straightening bald head         Ultrasonic edge following     1 set

Feed tension                   bosch Rexroth                 2 sets

 Corona treater                  Single side corona            1 set

Printing part:                10 printing color groups

Ceramic anilox roll          imported  anilox roll 300-1200 LPI  10 sets

The plate ,length range of plate roller is 190.5-635mm         8 sets

Brayer                                                        8 sets
Scraping blade holder    aluminum alloy scraping blade holder  8 sets
Printing group power           bosch Rexroth                   8 sets

Servo drive system             bosch Rexroth                    32sets 

Roller power                   bo sch Rexroth                    8 sets

Reducer                        Japan shinbo                    22sets                        

Pneumatic components           JapanSMC

Ink cartridge                                                  8 sets

Zero switch                   Germany                          8 sets  

UV drying The UV drying system includes a water cooler for 8 printing units 
Chiller Drum                                                   10 sets
Servo output tension          bosch Rexroth                    2 sets

Sichango Web Video System     BST                             1 set

Rail system for potable cold foil \screen etc.                1 set

Diecutting Module                                             2 sets

Servo Drive              bosch Rexroth                     2 sets

Web Turnbar                                                   1 set

Air Circular Knife Slitter with 3 Blades                      1 set

Industrial personal computer (IPC  )                          8 sets

Plate Mounter                                                  1 set

Hoist for die-cut tools(mounted on back frame)                 1 set

Unwinding and rewinding mechanism of cold ironing film         1 set

touch screen                  WLT                             9 sets

Bosch Rexroth synchronous control system                       1 set

Low voltage electrical apparatus  Schneider, France

Eye tracking overprint:                                        8 sets

Material: adhesive or paper, sheet

Test speed: 150 m / min

Overprint accuracy: + / - 0.1 mm (excluding acceleration and deceleration)

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